Why do People Wear Watches on their Left Hand?

Posted on December 20 2016

"Why do people wear watches on their left hand?"  -Allison D.   Darien, CT 

The concept of wearing a watch on the wrist arose out of the need for naval officers and soldiers to be able to tell time without having to interrupt whatever they were doing and reach for a pocket watch. Since most people are dominant with their right hands, wearing a watch on the left hand makes it easier to look at and tell time while your right hand is occupied with a task. Watch clasps, buckles, and winding crowns are also operated with greater ease with your dominant hand, and many people find it difficult to physically use their non-dominant hand to put a watch on.  A watch worn on the right hand also tends to get in the way of writing (if you are a righty) and using a computer mouse. So in answer to your question, most people wear a watch on their left hand because most people are righties.  And for all those lefties who wear a watch on their left hand, perhaps they should try wearing it on their right hand if they already don’t. A few watch companies make watches with the crown and push buttons ergonomically designed specifically for lefties.

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