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Colorful Cocktail Rings: A Fun Summer Look You’ll Love

Posted on June 01 2017

Colorful Cocktail Rings: A Fun Summer Look You’ll Love


Cocktail rings are feature large, colorful gemstones and are worn to make a statement – generally a statement like, “Check out my awesome ring!” These fun fashion accessories got their start as an American style staple during the Prohibition Era. During that dry time, women enjoyed tremendous social capital as they hosted the illegal parties which were the only place people could get a drink. Glamorous dressing was part of the hostess’ role, and the oversized ornate rings favored by these Flapper-era ladies became known as cocktail rings.

Cocktail Rings for Summer- Dove Ring

Some of the most popular, best-selling cocktail rings we sell come from Dove’s. Dove’s jewelry is exceptionally well made and features an entire rainbow of faceted colored gemstones. The ring shown is known as “St. Barth’s Blue” due to the fact that the turquoise’s lovely color evokes memories of the designer’s trip to St. Jean’s Bay.

Cocktail Rings for Summer- Roverto coin

Part of the cocktail ring tradition is extravagant, over-the-top design. We mention this only in case you’re in the mood to add a Rooster Ring to your jewelry collection. Roberto Coin created this stunner using fancy sapphires – a fancy sapphire is a sapphire that is any color except blue or red – and 18K white gold to honor the Year of the Rooster. It’s definitely a conversation starter – and great conversation is what you want to have happen during a cocktail party!

Many cocktail rings feature smaller gemstones set together, rather than one large stone. A good example of this type of cocktail ring is this ruby, pink sapphire, and diamond freeform style circular ring – an exclusive NAGI creation. The lush red and pink tones perfectly capture the shifting colors of summer sunsets in Connecticut:

Summertime Cocktail Rings- NAGI Ruby

Shopping for Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are compellingly collectible. Begin or build your collection with a visit to NAGI Jeweler’s gorgeous two story showroom. We have cocktail rings created by our master jewelers as well as looks from today’s top designers. Don’t forget to check our huge inventory of vintage and estate jewelry – there are many cocktail rings there just waiting to find their forever homes!

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