Fashion Forward Styles Available At NAGI Jewelers

Fashion Forward Styles Available At NAGI Jewelers

Posted on October 10 2016

Fashion Forward Styles Available At NAGI Jewelers


Attention David Yurman Fans!

David Yurman is well on his way to becoming one of America’s defining fashion voices. NAGI Jewelers is proud to carry David Yurman for many reasons besides his amazing fashion-forward styles. Many people don’t know that the creator of beautiful rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings began his career as a young man learning welding skills from a famous sculptor on Long Island. David then spent five years hitchhiking from coast to coast, traveling with the Beatniks and experiencing the San Francisco renaissance first hand. Eventually he started his own art studio in Upstate New York; in 1982, David created his first signature design, the cable bracelet – a twisted helix capped with beautiful gemstones.

Stacking Remastered: The Must Have David Yurman Essentials

We’re seeing a lot of excitement around David Yurman’s newest look right now, and it’s not surprising: the Stax look allows David Yurman collectors to combine their favorite pieces they already own with new favorites. Combining architectural forms, unique materials, and David’s flawless aesthetic vision, the Stax collection draws on 36 years of proven designs, combined to create new looks that are absolutely on point.

NAGI Jewelers is Stamford’s Home for David Yurman Jewelry

At Stamford’s home for David Yurman Jewelry, we are of course stocking looks from the Stax collection as well as other select pieces. With the holiday season right around the corner, we’ve made sure there are plenty of gorgeous bracelets, rings, and pendants for you to check out when you’re searching for a gift for that special someone – or yourself, because hey, holiday parties are a thing.

David Yurman Engagement Rings: Have You Seen These Beauties?

Are wedding bells in your future? David Yurman engagement rings are a stunning marriage of style and design. Classic solitaire designs with David’s iconic cable motif are a favorite in the Stamford area. The David Yurman crossover engagement ring has also captured many hearts: see it set with a round diamond and you’ll know why!

If you are in the market to shop for a special David Yurman or other fashion-forward pieces, please stop in or make an appointment with our staff. 

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