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Is a Holiday Proposal on the Horizon? 5 Signs to Watch For

Posted on September 06 2017

Is a Holiday Proposal on the Horizon? 5 Signs to Watch For


Sometimes, you can tell when your sweetheart is planning something – even if you’re not sure what. There are certain signs and behaviors that can indicate a surprise is on the horizon. If you know something’s up and are wondering if a proposal is imminent, you’ll want to watch for these five subtle signs:

1) Out of the Blue Conversations About Your Favorite Places

Seeming random inquiries about where you love to have dinner or your favorite botanical garden or museum may be proposal venue research in disguise.

2) Making Sure Your Schedule is Clear

If your special someone is very insistent that you need to be with them on a certain date at a certain time yet won’t reveal what the big deal is, perhaps a proposal is on the agenda.

3) A Sense of Secret Glee

Knowing that you’re going to propose to the love of your life is exciting. The anticipation of knowing they’re going to ask can create a sense of happiness and joy in your special someone. If you see them smiling at strange moments or being extra cheerful and loving, they’re probably thinking about marrying you.

4) Sudden Interest in Your Jewelry Collection

If you notice your sweetie noticing your jewelry, something may be up. If your sweetie starts saying things like “I notice you wear oval shaped gemstones a lot,” or “I think I really like the Halo setting, what about you?” something is definitely up.

5) You Catch Them Reading Romantic Websites

When you catch them reading How He Asked or googling “Best Proposal Sites in Stamford CT,” this is a very good sign that your sweetheart is thinking of popping the question. Of course, you should never snoop through someone’s phone… but if you glance over and that’s what they happen to be looking at, no harm, no foul!

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