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How to Pick the Perfect Watch for Your Guy

Posted on February 09 2018

How to Pick the Perfect Watch for Your Guy


Have you noticed how important it is for a guy to have a great watch? Well-dressed men have always sported fine timepieces, and today, top designers are creating a variety of gorgeous men’s watch styles at reasonable prices. If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ve seen we share the best and newest looks every #WatchWednesday.

Here’s what you need to know about picking the perfect watch for your guy. There are basically two types of men’s watches: functional and stylish. Functional watches are those specialty watches designed for a specific activity, such as running or scuba diving. Stylish watches are designed to make a man look good, whether that’s in a casual or formal setting.

Most guys go to work or out for dinner way more often than they go scuba diving, which means you’ll probably be interested in choosing a stylish men’s watch. Here’s where your knowledge of your guy’s lifestyle and fashion preferences come into play. Men’s watch design falls into distinct categories, with a certain aesthetic expected from each.

Dress watches are for the man who’s aiming for a sophisticated, understated elegance. These are watches that are worn with suits, in offices, and professional environments; where drawing attention to one’s appearance isn’t necessarily done, but details are definitely noticed. Fine leather bands are par for the course, and features tend to be kept to a minimum.


Field Watches are extremely popular. This rugged, casual look combines a sense of style with a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude. These are good-sized watches, but not so large that they get in the way of actually doing things: that’s why field watches are favored by guys who like to live life hand’s on. Look for straps in leather or canvas and stainless steel or titanium cases.


Dive Watches are big, bold, and as the name implies, water resistant. The first dive watch was the Rolex Submariner, which is still a very popular style today. Dive watches can be worn anywhere – to fancy, formal events, backyard barbecues and everything in between. Dive watches have large numbers and bold hands so they can easily be read – remember, they’re made to be looked at underwater, at least theoretically – and are most often available with all-metal casings and bands.


Aviator Watches are worn by leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who lives life by their own rules. High precision and size are more important than a specific style: you’ll find many watches that look different from each other can all be classified as aviator watches. Leather straps are most common, and many aviator watches have one or more features. Ideal for the modern day explorer.

Racing Watches are all about the attitude. Big, bold, and a little on the flashy side, these watches get a lot of attention. They’re ideal for the “I do it my way!” type of guy, as well as the man who is always on the go, full speed ahead. Racing watches have two defining features, a chronograph, and a tachymeter. And don’t worry – your guy doesn’t actually need to know how to use either of them to appreciate that they’re there. (A chronograph is a stopwatch; the tachymeter is used to determine speed when you know how far you’ve traveled.)


Smart Watches are for guys who love tech. Check emails, text, or get alerts directly on your wrist – great for the busy man who sometimes needs to be reminded of everyday essentials, as well as those who prefer not to be entirely dependent on their phone. Ideally, a smartwatch is both stylish and functional. They’re a common sight in the startup, business, and fitness worlds.

Choosing a Watch: Consider Many, Choose The Best

Unless you’re certain your guy has his heart set on a specific watch, the best way to choose a watch is to look at several examples in the same category all at the same time. Being able to see multiple possibilities and then narrowing the selection down based on what you know about your guy’s personal preferences, favorite color, and fashion choices can result in you achieving your ultimate goal: giving him a gift he’ll be proud of and enjoy wearing.

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