The BEST of Fall 2016 Bridal by NAGI Jewelers of Stamford CT

The BEST of Fall 2016 Bridal

Posted on September 09 2016

The BEST of Fall 2016 Bridal


As we welcome the new fall season, we also make way for the latest fall bridal trends. Gone are the days where brides try to mimic Pinterest posts and copy royal wedding traditions. Today, Stamford brides are creating their own wedding style and emphasizing the importance on why we all have a big day in the first place: because we fell in love. Anything goes when the day is all about the bride and groom. With the new season approaching, there are exciting new ideas for engagement rings, wedding dresses and venue décor too good for us to resist. And now we get to share them with you!

Wedding Dresses

Picking out the perfect wedding dress is naturally the first big decision a brides make for her big day. Long after guests have left the reception, the one thing that will always stand out in their memory is how the bride looked. With that in mind, brides always want to look their best and with so many styles to choose from it’s hard to choose our favorite fall bridal look of 2016. So here’s our favorite three!


More and more brides are falling in love with the Spanish-inspired silhouettes. Flamenco dancers have definitely influenced wedding designers this fall with their textured ruffles as well as tiered necklines and off the shoulder designs.

Sheer Silhouettes

Less is now more. Sheer silhouettes add the perfect peekaboo moment in a wedding gown while still leaving much to the imagination. This fall bridal trend is daring and elegant!

3D Florals

Stand out, literally, on your big day with 3D florals. Delicate floral appliqués on your dress will definitely make you pop with flower power.


Engagement rings are the staple piece of every wedding. It is the symbol of love that marks the beginning of every marriage and ‘happily ever after.’ Different styles of engagement rings have evolved and multiplied over the years and now thankfully, there are plenty options for men and women to choose from. Whether you want to stay loyal to tradition or branch outside your comfort zone for something more unique, there is a ring design for every kind of bride to be. The most popular fall bridal trends this year include some old favorites, but also some unique designs we could have never dreamed of!

Rose gold
Rose Gold Engagement Ring

For a bride who loves to redefine the norm, proposing with a rose gold ring is an option. With a rosy shade, it will compliment any skin tone and adds a feminine flair to any style. 

Double Shank

Two is always better than one. More and more bridal rings are being designed with double shanks which means more diamonds for your bride to be. And remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Multi-Color engagement ring

Multi-Color Engagement Ring

Why choose between white, yellow or pink stones? This beautiful ring gives the best of all worlds, it’s the perfect upgrade to any style!

Color Palettes

September and October are known for being some of the most popular months to have a fall wedding. With the crisp weather and the turning color of leaves, it is the ultimate fall bridal back drop trend year after year. Of course with a beautiful background you’ll need the perfect color palette to compliment your romantic setting.

Deep Purple’s & Light Blues

If you’re looking for a sophisticated wedding look that is completely unexpected, then a dark purple like an eggplant and periwinkle are the way to go. It’ll add a glamorous feel to your décor that your guests will love!

Earth Tones

A natural palette is the best way to make sure any color you decide to play with will match your décor. Whether you decide on a vibrant lime green or deep ocean blue, both colors will tie in perfectly with the soft tan tones of the earth.


Delicate peaches, greens and purples will add the perfect rustic and romantic flair to any fall wedding. Soft pastels will balance out the vivid colors of the turning fall leaves. Orchid is a timeless color to incorporate into your wedding.

Hopefully these fall bridal trends have inspired you to make the most out of your big day whether you are traditional, modern, classic or contemporary. No matter which type of Stamford Bride you are, remember you can never go wrong by setting your own style and choosing what you love the most out of these fall bridal trends of 2016.

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