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Vintage Pieces

Posted on January 09 2017

Vintage Pieces

Say Yes To Vintage Jewelry!

Edwardian and Victorian jewelry was extremely popular in its day, due to the uniquely beautiful design elements and delicate styling that evokes feelings of pure romance. Today, everything old is new again, and vintage jewelry is a fashion essential for any Stamford lady who wants to look her best. Here’s what you want to know about shopping for estate and vintage jewelry:

Know Your Jewelry Lingo

The terms antique, vintage and estate jewelry are often used interchangeably, but they all mean different things. Antique jewelry is jewelry that is over 100 years old; this means any piece of fine jewelry created before 1916 qualifies. Vintage jewelry is less than 100 yet more than 20 years old. Estate jewelry refers to any jewelry that isn’t brand new. A piece of jewelry can be made last year – if it has been sold more than once, it qualifies as estate jewelry. Another term for estate jewelry is Previously Enjoyed.

Look Out For That Little Word “Style”

For some people, vintage jewelry is all about the look. Other people value having a piece of jewelry that is authentically from another time period. One approach is not better than the other: this is purely personal preference. But you want to always know what you’re getting. Look out for the word ‘style’ affixed to the words antique or vintage. If something is labeled antique-style, Victorian-style, Edwardian-style, or vintage-style, the jewelry may in fact be much younger than you are.

Condition Really Matters!

Life is hard on jewelry. If a ring, pendant, bracelet or necklace has been around for 25 or more years, it’s likely seen some wear and potentially some misadventures. Before you commit to purchasing any piece of estate or vintage jewelry, check its condition carefully. You want to make sure clasps clasp, hooks hook, bracelet links are secure, stones are set properly and more. The best way to handle this is to deal with a fine jeweler who has a long standing reputation for excellence, who will either advise you of any condition concerns prior to purchase or make needed repairs before offering the item to the public.

Art Deco, Retro, and Modern Vintage Jewelry Exists

Modern and Contemporary Vintage jewelry may sound counterintuitive, but these design styles are older than you think. The Art Deco period covers approximately 1920-1940; Retro covers 1935-1950, and Modern begins at 1950 and continues to the present day. Contemporary is a term sometimes used to refer to modern style as well as recently produced estate jewelry.

For Best Results, Shop Often!

Vintage jewelry collectors often refer to their passion as treasure hunting. There’s a thrill to be had that comes with finding a unique piece of estate jewelry that was clearly meant for you. Because NAGI is known for its high quality estate jewelry collection, our inventory turns over very quickly. You’ll want to shop often to avoid missing out on items you need to own! Have a great time visiting our two-story showroom, located at 828 High Ridge Road in Stamford, or you can shop estate jewelry online here.

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