Anne Sportun Light Blue Chalcedony Beaded Wrap Bracelet & Necklace 34" B098G-CHAL

Anne Sportun Light Blue Chalcedony Beaded Wrap Bracelet & Necklace 34"


Ethereal, captivating, cool, serene, mystical, and subtle: All of these words apply to blue chalcedony. Its shades range from greyish blue to sky blue and the lavender blue. In 2015, GIA received a stunning bluish green chalcedony of African origin so striking they’ve given it its own name: aquaprase.
Cryptocrystalline quartz includes all colors of agate, carnelian, chyroprase, onyx, and sardonyx. Their common structure makes them all chalcedony. But in the world of jewelry chalcedony is narrowly defined as a light blue translucent, waxy gemstone. This is sometimes referred to as “actual chalcedony.” Listed as 7 on the Mohs scale, it has good durability and takes an excellent polish that gives it the mystic glow from within.

Proclaim your original sense of style with a unique gemstone bracelet from Anne Sportun's coveted Wrap Collection. Brilliantly layered with gorgeous 18ky gold hex beads, this wrap is artfully made with hand craftsmanship and luxurious texture, this piece is the perfect addition to your everyday stack.

Wear as a bracelet or necklace; layer and personalize with beautiful charms, each lovingly crafted to be given, received, and worn in thoughtfulness.

Each piece of Anne Sportun Fine Jewelry is carefully handmade by their team of goldsmiths, ensuring both the beauty and integrity of the piece. You will receive confirmation of availability when your order is received and confirmation of shipment when the order is sent.

  • Light Blue Chalcedony beads
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Approx 2.25 mm wide
  • 34" long, can be adjusted to 32"
  • Wrap design can be worn as a bracelet and necklace


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