Casio G-Shock

CASIO G-SHOCK GWR-B1000-1ACR Gravity Master G-CARBON Core Blue & Black

CASIO G-SHOCK GWR-B1000-1ACR Gravity Master G-CARBON Core Blue & Black



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Outfitted with the new Carbon Core Guard structure, the carbon monocoque case is made of carbon fiber-reinforced resin and seamlessly integrates the case with the case back. This results in high strength as well as a lighter weight (about 72 grams) than any previous Gravitymaster model. The new case structure also has a modified circuit board plate that inhibits direct impact to the button shaft and circuit board. This eliminates the need for button guards and allows the button to be enclosed in a pipe fitting, increasing strength and making button operation easier. This also provides a bold new look for a G-Shock.

Other confirmed features include a carbon fiber bezel, carbon fiber insert band (with the carbon fiber visible on the outer band), sapphire crystal, and dedicated stopwatch start button at the 2 o’clock position. All external metal parts are made of lightweight titanium, giving this watch the Rust Resist designation like the Gulfman. The watch is powered by Tough Solar power and has Multi-Band 6 radio-sync timekeeping along with the Bluetooth mobile link function which provides world time with 300+ cities, auto time adjustment, one-touch time adjustment, easy watch setting, and the phone finder function. The watch will also have the Flight Log function which records time and position information on the G-Shock Connected app and shows a graphical display of movement history.
Other features include Triple G Resist (for protection agaisnt shock, centrifugal force, and vibration), 200-meter (20 bar) water resistance, 1-second stopwatch with flyback function (24 hours), 1-second countdown timer (24 hours), 1 independent daily alarm, battery level indicator, and Super Illuminator LED light. Largely deviating from the extra-large sizes of previous Gravitymaster models, the GWR-B1000 measures 50.1 x 46.4 x 16.9 millimeters which is relatively compact for a G-Shock apart from the thickness.

Carbon Core Guard structure

From GRAVITYMASTER, the tough watch designed for the severe environments faced by pilots, come new GWR-B1000 Series models with Carbon Core Guard structures.
The case and back cover are integrated into a carbon monocoque configuration, and the carbon face incorporates CASIO original solar technology that maximizes power generation using the light that enters through the digital dial surfaces.
G-SHOCK red brand coloring is embedded in the carbon bezel layers and around the dials. All of this adds up to a new G-SHOCK design that is tougher and more stylish than ever.
The base model is the GWR-B1000 whose generous use of titanium and other highfunction materials creates a timepiece of outstanding toughness, light weight, and rust resistance. Automatic time adjustment is performed using either Bluetooth® or a time signal, which helps to ensure accurate timekeeping while flying on a mission.

Designed to be the toughest, lightest model in the GRAVITYMASTER Series.

New shock resistant construction
Carbon Core Guard
A new shock resistant Carbon Core Guard integrates the case and back cover into a monocoque case that protects the module. An external structure that capitalizes on the high strength and lightweight characteristics of the material used dramatically improves toughness while also enabling a weight of only 72 grams, making this the lightest model in the GRAVITYMASTER Series.

• Carbon Fiber Bezel
• Carbon Monocoque Case
• Guard-less Buttons

Lightweight, resists rust.
Rust-resistant structure
Buttons, button pipes, case internal fixing rings, and other metal parts exposed to outside air are made of strong, lightweight, and highly rust resistant titanium alloy.

Stands up to rough use
Carbon fiber insert band
Carbon fiber of outstanding tensile strength is molded into urethane resin for a band that resists breaking.

Strength and accuracy to support flight missions.

Power generated from little light
In-dial solar panel

Instant start of new timing operations
Stopwatch with flyback feature

High clarity, resists scratching
Sapphire crystal with non-reflective inside surface coating

More accurate World Time readings
Solar-powered Timepiece with Bluetooth®

Easy reading even in the dark
Super Illuminator (high-brightness LED light)