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Estate Korloff Yasmine Black Enamel Radiant Diamond .62 Carat Ring 18K Yellow Gold

Estate Korloff Yasmine Black Enamel Radiant Diamond .62 Carat Ring 18K

$3,240.00 USD


Excellent Condition, the ring has been professionally cleaned and polished.  There are a few light scratches on the black enamel, and a few visible nicks on the gold sidewalls of the ring. All are very difficult to locate, notice, and see with the unaided eye. 

Korloff Cut
The Korloff cut is recognized for enhancing the diamond sparkle. Whether it is round or octagonal, it irradiates an enchanting, captivating light. 
As a strong symbol of well-oiled know-how, the Korloff cut fascinates and seduces at a glance.

Korloff is a well established manufacturer of high class and original designs in jewellery. Krochmal & Lieber has created a new cut to enhance the class and beauty of its jewellery.

Korloff Cut, a new diamond cut is born. 73 facets for more brilliance and sparkle. The secret of this exceptional brilliance lies in the 41 facets on the crown and the 32 facets on the pavilion.
Octagonal in shape, both classical and highly sophisticated, it is indeed a unique diamond.
Delivered with the Korloff laser marking on the girdle, it is certified by the IGI laboratory and is an internationally recognized new cut.
The girdle is laser inscribed F3D40236, the Korloff cut is certified by the International Gemological Institute and internationally recognized.

The ring infuses a classic look with modern lines marked by brilliant color and classically gentle curves and contours.

To create a Yasmine piece by hand there are more than 12 major steps including sanding, applying and curing multiple layers of lacquer, settings stones and polishing.
Creation time  17 days by hand


    •    18K Yellow Gold
    •    Korloff Radiant .62 Carat Diamond (measures 5mm)

    •    G Color / VS1 Clarity
    •    Korloff cut has 41 crown facets and 32 pavillion facets
    •    Diamond girdle is inscribed F3D40236
    •    Ring is 6.5mm wide on top and 4.0mm wide on bottom
    •    Weighs 9.42 grams
    •    Size 6.25