My ring is too tight and is now stuck on my finger. What can I do?

Posted on September 13 2021

My ring is too tight and is now stuck on my finger. What can I do?

Q:  My ring is too tight and is now stuck on my finger. What can I do?


There is no need to panic, this happens all the time.  Maybe it’s hot out and your finger is swollen.  Maybe you tried on a friend's ring.  Whatever the case, try these steps below.


1. Place Hand in Cold Water

Ever notice that rings tend to fit more loosely on your finger on a cooler day? Fill up a bowl of cold water and let your hand sit there for a few minutes. Using cold water helps constrict blood vessels.

Still not budging?

2. The Windex Trick

Windex has amazing properties which are both safe for your finger and ring, and is a great lubricant.

Spray on generously all along the finger and slowly twist to remove the ring.


3. Remove a Ring With String

You'll need a string, ribbon, or dental floss for this ring-removal trick.

1. Slip one end of the string underneath your ring, then you wrap the string several times around your finger, up to your knuckle. Do this tightly, but not so tight that you are in pain.  The string will temporarily compress the finger.

2. Unwind the string from the bottom where you slipped the string under the ring. The ring should slowly move with it.

3. Repeat if necessary, until the ring is off your finger.



If your finger or knuckle is still too swollen and none of the above worked, we are able to gently cut the ring off. Jewelers use a circular saw, which slips in between the finger and the ring. This tool gently cuts a straight line through the shank of your ring allowing for a seamless resizing later. Sawing off you ring will only take a few minutes, and your ring can be reshaped and resized and look brand new again in just a few days.




Remove all of your rings at least a few times a week. By removing your rings often you will notice if any of them are becoming too tight, and you can have them sized larger before it’s too late. Removing your rings will also allow you to properly clean them with mild soap and warm water or polish them with a polishing cloth.

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