NAGI Jewelers Stamford CT Customer Reviews & Testimonials


It brings us great pleasure and joy to know when we have helped our customers. Customer satisfaction is number one at NAGI Jewelers. We take pride in our service, sales, and other needs of our customers. Here is what some of our customers think about us here at NAGI Jewelers. 

Tales of a Perfect Saturday!

Drum and I decided to go to the Cloisters Museum in Tryon Park late Saturday afternoon….. The museum closes at 5:15 so we have a little over an hour. Unbeknownst to me, he plans on proposing here, and now. Drum wonders why he can’t find a quiet, secluded spot to pop the question... Ah! A romantic restaurant in the middle of the park…..wait….it's closed for a private wedding….ughhhhh. Maybe the perfect spot is up these steps… …or maybe that’s where the wedding is taking place…. a quiet overlook….but still people around…. “Why is Drum so sweaty?” He wonders, is this ring still in my pocket??? Ahhhh…it’s starting to rain…everyone’s leaving….this feels right! What is that look on his face? Down on one knee...

"YES YOU BIG DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

AND he had champagne hidden in the trunk from the night before!!!
Drum pulls it off.


Thank you so much for all the help and beautiful work you've done for us on our engagement ring and wedding bands. We'd also like to thank you for the exquisite vase from you and your staff. That was incredibly generous of you! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, and there is no chance I will ever use another jeweler.

-Lindsey & Tucker

perfect love

Dear NAGI Jewelers,

I am nothing less than amazed, thrilled, and grateful for your restoration of my wide Bulgari gold ring to a condition that is possibly better than new! Many thanks for your expertise and prompt attention. It is my wedding ring from eleven years ago and is invaluable to me.

Nancy Schneck
Cincinnati, OH

band restoration

Dear Nagi & Liz,

Thank you for all of your help in picking out the perfect engagement ring and wedding bands.

Anna Protopapas

thank you

Major Eldon Joe Canady was recognized in November 2007 as the first aviator in the USAF to have flown 100 missions over North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. This watch was the property of then Capt. Canady. In the Vietnam era, base exchanges around the world sold quite a few Swiss watches. One popular make among the military was the Zodiac. The watch advertised as "the watch of the Swiss Federal Railway" was popular among military aviators because you could "hack" the watch. That is, when you pulled the stem of the watch out into the setting position, the movement stopped, allowing you to set the hour, minute, and second hand and await a count down at mission briefing to synchronize watches on GMT. Most watches did not allow this operation, but the Zodiac movements did, and for this reason were popular among flyers. One model in particular called the "Jet Aeronaut," not only could be hacked, but also had a 24-hour dial, which was nice for flyers since we commonly used the 24-hour scheme instead of the 12-hour scheme. The "Jet Aeronaut" above was worn by Joe Canady.

The watch gave many years of service until being ran through the wash and having the crystal smashed by the washing machine.

NAGI Jewelers of Stamford, CT volunteered to clean it up, get it running, and put on a new crystal, so now once again it functions after being used for the first time back in the 1960's. Thanks to Nagi M. Osta for this restoration. The watch and other personal items of the era have been sent to the Air Force Museum at Dayton, Ohio, for display honoring Major Canady and others who flew 100 missions over North Vietnam.

Eldon J. Canady
Major USAF retired

watch restoration

Dear Nagi,

Thank you so much for the Michael Aram bowl. That was so nice and thoughtful of you. it's been a pleasure working with you on our wedding jewelry and we appreciate your generosity. The groomsmen loved their personalized cufflinks, and the matching pearl earrings and necklaces were a huge hit with all the bridesmaids. We will see you again soon.

Best regards,
Jessica & Derek.


Another happy NAGI couple, Rob & Tara