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Designed with Distinction

Custom designing with us is more than a process - it's an experience. We bring your dreams to life with jewelry that is handcrafted, intentional, and excellent. Work alongside a Master Jeweler and see, step-by-step, your vision come to life. Walk away with the piece of your dreams.

Cutting-Edge Technology

After a consultation, our Master Jewelers bring your ideas to life using computer rendering. See your creation in 3-D and inspect it from all angles to ensure every detail is perfect. Once approved, our Master Jeweler creates a wax model for you to touch, hold, and wear.

Start Your Design Journey

This is when it gets fun and sparkly! Our certified Gemologist and MasterJeweler work in tandem to select the stones, cast the design, and prepare other materials for your creation. Your project is never outsourced - we only trust your dreams with the best. And the best is NAGI.


Forged in Fire

Every custom piece starts off as a hand crafted wax pattern, which is placed in a mold. This combination is then baked in an oven where it can harden and the wax pattern melts creating an inverted mold. Melted gold or another metal is then poured in the mold.

Molded to Perfection

After the gold or metal is poured, we place the mold in a vacuum machine. This
draws the gold into the very depths of the mold and ensures every exquisite detail is perfectly captured. When finished, the plaster mold is dissolved in water. What’s left behind is your jewelry creation - ready to be polished, buffed, and molded by expert hands and turned into a piece you will treasure for a lifetime.

Created by Hands You Can Trust

Meet the geniuses behind your custom design: Leon Minassian (left) and Pedro Ordonez (right). From start to finish, these are the hands that bring your jewelry dreams to life. They are master craftsmen at their trade with decades of hands-on expertise as well as education and certifications in the field -- resulting in years of experience
creating unforgettable pieces. We only entrust your custom design to the best in the business, and so should you.


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