Let NAGI Jewelers Treat You to One Hour of Peace of Mind

Posted on May 13 2020

Let NAGI Jewelers Treat You to One Hour of Peace of Mind



We would like to extend Health, good Feelings & Spread Love to You.
We are Hosting a FREE 1 hour class with Harmony Yoga Studio owner, Carol Shwidock on Monday, May 18th at 4pm EST
This will be a gentle yoga class, suitable for all levels! 

There are many benefits to yoga but here are a few of our favorites: 
  1. This class will focus on making space inside ourselves to let in more peace, more calm and more ease of being. We are all living in survival mode these days, meaning we are carrying a lot of tension, more so than ever and when that happens our Fight Flight Freeze Sympathetic Nervous System is in charge....we are ready to defend ourselves and the body's energy goes into the limbs and drains the Immune System. 
  2. The Tend and Befriend Parasympathetic Nervous System can be turned on with breathing techniques and gentle poses thereby improving our ability to stay peaceful and calm and actually enhance our Immune System.

So that is the plan on Monday... to learn gentle pose and breathing techniques to promote harmony within ourselves and then share that with all those we come in contact with. We hope to see you there.

Meeting ID: 818 6342 6698
Password: harmony

Use this link and login info ^ to join us for class on Monday!

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