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October Means Outstanding Opals

Posted on October 17 2016

October Means Outstanding Opals


Opals are one of October’s birthstones. They’re also the favorite gem of anyone who loves colorful, eye catching jewelry. Opals are one of the most unique gemstones. Unlike most of the stones you see in rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants, which are hard, crystalline stones, opals are mostly silica and water. They form in cracks deep below the earth, most often in the southwestern US and Australia.

Opal Ring

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing opal jewelry:

Opals love to be worn. Opals have a unique shine and luster that becomes more pronounced when the jewelry is worn regularly. So choose a piece of opal jewelry that you’ll enjoy wearing regularly. Some people say opals enhance creativity and inspiration, which makes them a top choice for writers, artists, or anyone who has to think outside the box on a regular basis.

If you’ve been with your sweetheart for a while, opal jewelry is for you. The shimmering iridescent stone is said to represent fidelity and lasting passion, as well as inspiring fiery new feelings within an established relationship.

Are Opals Bad Luck?

Every now and then you’ll run into someone – generally an older person – who will tell you opals are bad luck. That’s an old tradition that really got going during the 19th century, when some high-profile people came to a bad end while searching for opals. The facts are that these explorers, who were working primitive mines in territories involved in civil unrest if not outright war, would have been equally in danger no matter what they were searching for – but diamond dealers at the time didn’t want to lose any of their customer’s money to the opal industry. They knew the value of bad press back then too and so the rumors started. Today we know opals are truly beautiful gemstones that can be worn with confidence by anyone!

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