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Breitling 2018 Navitimer Men's watches Stamford CT Dealer

Since 1884, Breitling has shown a perfected practice in the art of watch making, more specifically chronographs. They have refined their execution so much so, that they have even become the official supplier to world aviation. And if there is one thing that is vital in aviation—it’s dependability. The making of these technical watches is detailed, including an incorporation of chronometer certified movements. The Breitling brand ensures unheard of accuracy, not to mention a sleek aesthetic. Each model is designed to flatter, while still retaining practicality and performance. When you’re wearing a Breitling, you get precision. 


With the largest collection of limited edition Breitling watches in the Stamford area and Breitling experts in-store, we are your go-to for any Breitling purchase.

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