Gotcha! It's April Fools Day! – NAGI

Gotcha! It's April Fools Day!

Gotcha!  If you haven't figured it out by now.  Our news "article" is a spoof; "fake news", whatever you want to call it. 


Microwaving your jewelry will probably only ruin your microwave, cause electrical damage, or worse, a fire. 


However, the good news is that the diamond in your engagement ring can be enlarged with our Diamond Trade-in program.  Inquire with a sales associate in our store for details to see if your diamond is eligible.


For all you science buffs out there, Thermal expansion is a thing.  It is simply a material's capacity to expand when heated.  Some materials expand more than others.  You have probably used the effects of thermal expansion to remove a tight metal cap from a glass bottle by running hot water over it.  The metal expands more than the glass, making it easier to remove the cap.  Due to the extremely strong bond between the atoms of a diamond, they are extremely resilient to thermal expansion.  Their strong bond allows a rapid transfer of heat through the crystal, so the crystal itself remains cool, hence the nickname "ice".