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Amy & Thomas

In February of 2010, Amy arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand to spend a semester abroad studying at the University of Canterbury. Soon after starting school, Amy joined the University of Canterbury Canoe Club (UCCC), where Thomas was already a member. They both attended weekly UCCC events and their feelings for each other began to grow. Thomas charmed Amy with his adventurous spirit and New Zealand accent and Amy charmed Thomas with her willingness to try new things and passion to see the world. Eventually, Thomas asked Amy out on a proper date, and they have been nearly inseparable ever since. Amy returned to Connecticut in July of 2010 and Thomas was able to visit for two months at Christmas time. Amy eventually moved back to Christchurch after graduating from the University of Connecticut in May 2011. Life for Amy and Thomas was only uphill from here, literally. From a year together in Christchurch, to a ski season in Colorado, to backpacking through Europe, to another ski season in New Zealand, to another backpacking trip through Costa Rica, then back to Connecticut and finally back to Christchurch for another year. It has certainly been an exciting adventure for these two.

Amy and Thomas got engaged in Central Park, New York City on April 29, 2014. In October of 2015, Thomas received his permanent residence Green Card for the USA and the couple got married in Long Beach Island, New Jersey on August 22, 2016 in front of their closest friends and family.

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Jenn & Mike

Jennifer and Mike met back in 2014 at Washington Prime. It was a Tuesday night blind date! Before they knew it, it was after 11 pm and they had been out for hours. Almost two years later, on August 3, 2016, Mike’s parents wedding anniversary, Mike got down on one knee and asked Jennifer to marry him at Harbor Point in Stamford, to which of course Jennifer said yes! Jeff Osta, and the team at Nagi Jewelers made the engagement process very easy! Allan spoke with Mike and gave him great information regarding the type of settings available. Once Mike spoke with Jeff as well, he knew he was in good hands. Mike trusted Jeff and the whole Nagi team and didn’t doubt any suggestions they gave regarding diamond choices or settings for the custom ring he had in mind. Mike had an all-around great experience.

Carlie & Drum image

Carlie & Drum

I met Drum on a blind date when I was 37 and he was 39 years old. I had almost resolved myself to the idea of staying single. I had no idea that one night over a burger in downtown NYC could change our lives forever. I remember thinking how rare it was to find a man who wanted to be married and start a family and wasn’t a divorcee with his own children – it’s like finding a unicorn! Within months we were trekking through Central America, surfing in Nicaragua, and sharing our ideas of our future together.

That first date was the fall of 2010. We moved in together after six months, engaged after nine months, married a year later, and I came home from our honeymoon pregnant. We just celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. I truly believe that our success has been waiting as long as we did – waiting for the right one.

We had both traveled extensively, had prior relationships, and enjoyed ourselves. There was no hesitation to jump in with both feet. Now this isn’t to say that this time alone didn’t form a sense of independence and there is continued compromises to be made but we believe in what we have. Both Drum and I are products of divorce – raised by a single mom so there is a real appreciation for the work involved in raising a family and making a marriage work – we have lived through the mistakes firsthand. Being raised by a single mom has made Drum a very sensitive man which you would never think when first meeting him. I guess to surmise our dynamic it would be accepting our pasts, the “ways” we are, and a commitment to learn from our parents and many of our friend’s mistakes. And we never sweat the small stuff.

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Maggie & Brian

It was a chance meeting in Westerly RI Labor Day Weekend 2012. Both Maggie and I were in RI enjoying the beach one last time. Maggie must have noticed me because I certainly noticed her. She was the first to break the ice with the most innocent of comments: "Nice car." She followed with a few detailed comments about my car, to which I was blown away by her knowledge and confidence. After talking for some time, we decided to head to one of the local beach bars for a few drinks, followed by a long walk on the beach, only to return to that same bar for dinner. We found ourselves ending the night under the moonlight well after midnight.

It was about three weeks before our four-year anniversary before I decided to pop the question. Everything had been very well-planned. I proposed on the beach about 100' to the West of Paddy's in Westerly RI. Paddy's is where we went the first night we met. I planned my proposal close enough to our anniversary that she wouldn't suspect a thing. I was deliberately repeating that we would return to the same place where we had first met for about two weeks.

It didn't take long before I knew she was the one for me. Throughout our relationship she has always been overly caring and supportive. Standing behind every decision I make. She has been such an amazing partner in every way, from helping out every morning, to supporting a career change, to taking care of me and our Shepard, Teak. She is just such a loving, honest and caring person that even when we first started dating and I was living in central PA, I enjoyed the 600-mile round trip every weekend to spend a few precious nights with her. It's honestly very hard to describe as I am constantly overcome with love for this woman, that I find it impossible to put into words even a few specific traits.

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