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Services - Appraisals

We offer a full range of comprehensive appraisal services by Gemologists who are Graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and members of the American Gem Society, (AGS). We have highly trained specialists in the fields of antique, estate jewelry and watches, with state of the art laboratory equipment and the necessary skill and experience to provide the appraisal service which is most suitable for you. Many different types of jewelry appraisals exist; and upon consultation we will help you determine which type of appraisal is appropriate for your needs.

NAGI Osta has earned the highest title awarded by both the AGS and the GIA of Certified Gemologist Appraiser and a Graduate Gemologist, respectively. These designations ensure you are dealing with gemologically educated professionals. With continuing education and testing, we re-certify with the AGS annually to maintain our titles and membership.

Our appraisal services include:

  • Insurance Replacement Value Appraisals (most common, to assign a precise dollar value for replacement)
  • Estate, Tax, Probate Appraisals (to settle an estate)
  • Market Value Reports (to determine an item’s true market value before making a purchase)
  • Each piece of jewelry is thoroughly cleaned, weighed, and measured in detail
  • Grading reports for diamond cut, clarity, color, carat weight along with a plot of inclusions
  • Gemstones are identified, graded, measured, and described in gemological as well as narrative detail
  • Metal content will be determined
  • Magnified color photos of the items.
  • Digital backup records. A digital copy of your appraisal will be stored with us confidentially in the event you misplace your copy.
  • The grading systems and technical terminology used within the appraisal will be explained
  • If applicable third party laboratory reports such as GIA or AGS reports will be noted and copies will be attached, safeguarding you should you lose the original copy.
  • We offer complimentary insurance replacement appraisals on any purchase over $1,000 if requested at time of sale.
  • We can not appraise items which have been recently purchased elsewhere.

To arrange an appointment, please call (203) 964-0551 or send an inquiry to