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Tales of a Perfect Saturday!  

Drum and I decided to go to the Cloisters Museum in Tryon Park late Saturday afternoon…..The museum closes at 5:15 so we have a little over an hour. Unbeknownst to me, he plans on proposing here, and now.  Drum wonders why he can’t find a quiet, secluded spot to pop the question...  Ah! A romantic restaurant in the middle of the park…..wait….it's closed for a private wedding….ughhhhh.  maybe the perfect spot is up these steps…   …or maybe that’s where the wedding is taking place….  a quiet overlook….but still people around…. “Why is Drum so sweaty?”  he wonders, is this ring still in my pocket???  ahhhh…it’s starting to rain…everyone’s leaving….this feels right!  What is that look on his face?  Down on one knee...  

“YES YOU BIG DUMMY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND he had champagne hidden in the trunk from the night before!!!

Drum pulls it off.