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Casio G-Shock

CASIO G-SHOCK GBDH2000-1A Move Heart Rate Monitor GPS Solar Activity Watch

CASIO G-SHOCK GBDH2000-1A Move Heart Rate Monitor GPS Solar Activity W

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Push it even further with the G-SHOCK MOVE GBD-H2000 — a selection of G-SHOCK multi-sport watches with heart rate monitor and GPS. These watches come packed with functions for tracking all kinds of workouts.


Measure your heart rate with the optical sensor; use the accelerometer to count steps; and take swimming sessions up a notch with a gyroscope that detects strokes and turns.


Not only that, sensors that detect orientation, altitude/atmospheric pressure, and temperature help you navigate through whatever you do. You can even tap into the Polar smartwatch library to analyze workouts and post-sleep recovery. Whether running, cycling, or swimming, these watches are essential gear, fully equipped for any and every sport you love.


Real fitness and health should include environmental considerations. That’s why we’ve made the band from corn-based biomass plastics. Produced from renewable organic materials, biomass plastics are high-molecular, chemically or biologically synthesized materials that help reduce environmental impact and facilitate the shift to a circular economy.


Charge with either USB or solar, and you’ll stay on your game.

The new watch has an optical sensor to measure heart rate, as well as a compass, altitude/air pressure sensor, thermo sensor that measures temperature, and accelerometer and gyroscope to detect body movement. In addition, it has built-in GPS functionality to measure position, distance, and speed of movement, all of which track a variety of movements in real time during physical activity.

Optical heart rate sensor :Uses LED light to measure changes in blood flow and track heart rate

Accelerometer :Analyses movement to measure activity such as number of steps taken

Gyroscope :Tracks swimming strokes and turns in the pool

Magnetic sensor, pressure sensor and thermo sensor Tracks compass bearing, altitude/air pressure, and temperature. Accurately detects changes outdoors and in other environments.

The built-in GPS antenna, resin case back, and thinner rechargeable battery make this watch smaller and lighter than ever. The inspiration for the shape and colour of watch components is taken from the dual-layer frame that is popular in sports gear design. Textured side buttons, a band with a wide range of motion, and other improved exterior design features deliver an even more comfortable fit and enhanced operability.


*Image shows the GBDH2000-1A.

Activity modes to support multiple sports

The watch supports eight different activities, including running, biking, and swimming. Select an activity with the touch of a button to track and display a variety of measurements in real time.

Running, walking, trail running

  • Distance, speed, time, pace
  • Heart rate, calories burned, etc.


  • Distance, speed, time
  • Altitude, road gradient
  • Heart rate, calories burned, etc.

Open water swimming, pool swimming

  • Distance, time
  • Calories burned, etc.

Gym workouts, interval training

  • Time
  • Heart rate, calories burned, etc.

*This app and product are currently in development and specifications are not yet final.

Training and sleep analysis to check
your results and improve effectiveness

The watch displays current performance and physical condition, based on analysis of various data measured by the watch, in an easy-to-understand format. Analysis utilises the POLAR® library, a database that is known for heart rate-focused training analysis. Train efficiently and effectively with scientifically supported, highly reliable analytical results.

Running Index

Calculates VO2 max (maximum consumable oxygen uptake) during running.

Cardio load

Heart rate data is used to calculate the burden on the heart and lungs according to workout duration and intensity.

Energy used

Calculates fats, carbohydrates, and proteins as percentages of calories burned. Knowing the ratio of calories burned for each energy source helps you determine energy source intakes and workout intensity settings to meet your goals.

Cardio load status

Displays current training conditions based on cardio load data from past workouts. Use this data to help manage workouts and stay motivated.


Check how well your mind and body recover overnight from workouts and the other demands of the day.

*Nightly RechargeTM is a trademark owned by POLAR Electro Oy.

*This app and product are currently in development and specifications are not yet final.

Watch mode for managing daily health

The watch mode helps manage health by measuring heart rate and keeping track of daily steps and physical activity. Also measures blood oxygen levels.

Life log

Tracks accelerator to analyse movement and distinguish between such movements as walking, running, biking, other activity, and standing still. Use the life log data records to understand how active you are each day.


Breathing exercises

Follow the animated display to maintain a steady rhythm of deep breathing. Provides feedback on relaxation effect after breathing exercises, but during as well. Relaxes the mind and body to help you deal with stress.

Blood oxygen level measurement

The optical heart rate sensor tracks the level of oxygen taken into the blood. This data can be used to manage daily health and adjust exercise load.
Note: The blood oxygen level measurement function is not intended for use in diagnosing illness or as a medical device. It is intended only for use in maintaining general health.

*This app and product are currently in development and specifications are not yet final.

*Image shows the GBDH2000-1A.

App integration function to easily set goals and manage progress

Use the app to easily manage data tracked by the watch. Take advantage of the easy-to-understand display of daily activity logs, training status, and other information to stay motivated and exercising in the way that is best for you. Helps improve exercise performance and a health-conscious lifestyle.

My page

Displays timelines of activity log, life log and other records. Tap a specific item for more detailed display of measurements.

  • Life log
  • Nightly RechargeTM
  • Activity log

Life log

Displays daily log of activity in an easy-to-understand format. User can adjust training level to suit current cardio load status, as well.

  • Daily number of steps/calories burned
  • Daily activity times
  • Cardio load status


Displays level of workout recovery from sleep and provides advice on improving exercise and sleep. Check the sleep quality graph to see how much quality sleep you get at night.

  • Sleep recovery level
  • Tips for exercise, sleep, etc.
  • Sleep stage graph

Activity log

Variety of visuals and graphs, including map display of routes travelled, make it easy to check activity history.

  • Route travelled (when using GPS tracking)
  • Measurement data list
  • Linked display of measurements / graphs / routes
  • Lap data

*This app and product are currently in development and specifications are not yet final.