Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock MRG Frogman MRGBF1000E-1A Yellow Double Anniversary Set Titanium Dive Watch

Casio G-Shock MRG Frogman MRGBF1000E-1A Yellow Double Anniversary Set

$6,400.00 USD



Double-anniversary commemorative design: MR-G FROGMAN in a special colour

This very special timepiece commemorates a pair of special occasions: the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary and the FROGMAN 30th. The MR-G diver’s watch, crafted with a passion for design befitting the flagship line of the G-SHOCK brand, features a titanium exterior with a multi-component structure and meticulous attention to detail — now in a hue that pays homage to the yellow used for the first FROGMAN. Offered in a limited edition of only 700 pieces worldwide in special sets that include an interchangeable titanium band and a dedicated tool for swapping out the bands.

Scratch-resistant, highly transparent sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating

Meticulous commemorative design

The concept colour is yellow, the hue featured on the very first FROGMAN, the DW-6300, and one of the colours that is symbolic of the line. The crown, buttons, and screws are treated with gold IP. Sapphire crystal is press-fit into the titanium screw-lock case back to ensure a highly airtight structure while maintaining the built-in antenna’s radio wave reception sensitivity. Casio passion for refinement down to the finest details is evident everywhere in the design, with gold vapour deposition, and engravings of the first-generation FROGMAN diving frog character, as well as the words “G-SHOCK 40TH” and “FROGMAN 30TH.”

*Due to the screw-lock construction of the case back, the orientation of the logo and lettering on it may not match up perfectly with the dial.


Special set with a pair of interchangeable bands

The vivid yellow fluoro-rubber Dura Soft band is highly resistant to staining and hydrolysis. With its flexibility, it offers a comfortable fit on the wrist, as does the specially developed, interchangeable pure titanium band with its many moveable parts. Painstaking processes of treating each link with a deep-layer hardening process and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating prior to assembly give the titanium band a high-quality, intricate makeup. The band is also extendable so it can even be worn over a wetsuit. Use the dedicated tool to remove the side pins while pressing the buttons on the lugs’ undersides to quickly and easily swap out the band.


Highly airtight titanium exterior with multi-component structure offering ISO 200-metre water resistance

Lightweight, rust-resistant titanium is used for key exterior components — from the case, bezel, and case back, to the crown, buttons, and screws. The watch is made up of an intricate combination of over 70 exterior components, achieving a powerful and beautiful form. A protective structure offers face-guarding functionality with buffers made of fluoro rubber installed in the space between the bezel and case. A deep-layer hardening process and DLC coating provide even greater strength and abrasion resistance. The case incorporates a crown and case back that both feature a screw-lock construction. These and other features throughout the design keep the watch air-tight to ensure water resistance for diving.


Special packaging: Fitting for a limited edition

A decorative box presents the watch with a profound look and is set off with a badge commemorating the G-SHOCK and FROGMAN anniversaries. The included band mounting tool, made of stainless steel with a DLC coating applied to it, is engraved with MR-G and FROGMAN logos. It features a knurled design inspired by a watch crown motif.


Clad Guard Structure adapted for diving

Protective components are built into the crown and buttons to help absorb impacts to the module. The crown features an airtight screw-lock construction and incorporates buffering components made of highly water-resistant fluoro rubber. A special construction keeps the MR-G logo, engraved on the crown, horizontally aligned when the crown is screw-locked.

*Image shows the MRG-BF1000R-1A.


Dive mode and tide graph mode: With full-analogue display

In dive mode, dive times and surface interval times are indicated by forward and reverse rotation of the hands. In tide graph mode, the watch displays tide graphs for about 3,300 points around the world along with local time. Functions useful for diving are offered with full-analogue display.


Solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® and radio control for enhanced accuracy and reliability


Super Illuminator (high-brightness LED light) for maintaining watch readability in the dark


Scratch-resistant, highly transparent sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating

Multiple functions, all at your fingertips
(Smartphone app)

- Auto time adjustment
- Easy watch setting
- World time (about 300 cities)
- Diving log
(Timeline display of dive date, time, number of dives, and other info, along with dive location and images taken)
- Tide point setting
(Pre-set major diving spots worldwide. Select from map, list, and other formats.)
- Watch status display
(Graphical display of time-reception status, solar power generation status, internal data update history and more.)
- Self-check
(Automatic evaluation of watch functions’ operational status. Displays a screen alert in the case of malfunction.)
- Phone finder

SPECIFICATIONS (Watch Functions)

• Shock-resistant structure
• ISO 764-compliant magnetic resistance
• ISO 200-metre water resistance
• Solar-powered
• Smartphone Link (automatic connection)
• Radio-controlled (Multiband 6)
• Auto hand home position correction
• Hand shift feature
• Diving functions
(dive time measurement, surface interval time display, diving logs)

• Diving functions
(dive time measurement, surface interval time display, diving logs)
• Tide graph
• Dual time
• Stopwatch
• Countdown timer
• Alarm
• LED light (Super Illuminator)
• Date and day display

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Any use of such marks and logos by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under licence.

Back engraving

LED light


  • Case size (L× W× H)

    56 × 49.7 × 18.6 mm
  • Weight

    132 g
  • Case and bezel material

    Case / bezel material: Titanium
  • Band

    Dura Soft Fluoro Rubber band
  • Construction

    Shock Resistant
    Magnetic Resistant
  • Water resistance

    ISO 200 meters Water Resistance
  • Time adjustment

    Radio-controlled Watch; Multi band 6
  • Power supply and battery life

    Tough Solar (Solar powered)

  • Smartphone Link feature

    Mobile link (Automatic connection, wireless linking using Bluetooth®)
  • Apps

  • App connectivity feature

    Auto time adjustment
    Easy watch setting
    Approximately 300 world time cities
    Diving log
    Tide graph setting (approximately 3,300 global points)
    Watch status display
    Self check
    Phone finder
    Premium Production Line certificate
  • Glass

    Sapphire crystal with glare-resistant coating
    Spherical Glass
  • Crown

    Screw Lock Crown
  • Back plate

    Screw Lock Back
  • Surface treatment

    Deep Layer Hardening + DLC Coating
  • Compatible band size

    150 to 220 mm
  • Other

  • Diving feature

    Diving mode Dive time: 1 second increments, up to 1:59'59 Surface time measurement: up to 24 hours Log data: up to 30 records
  • World time

    Dual time 27 time zones, Home time swapping, auto summer time (DST) switching
  • Tide graph

    Tide graph (tide level for specific date and time)
  • Stopwatch

    1-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 23:59'59
  • Timer

    Countdown timer Measuring unit: 1 second Countdown range: 24 hours Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-second increments)
  • Alarm/hourly time signal

    Daily alarm
  • Light

    LED light (Super Illuminator) Afterglow
  • Light color

  • Calendar

    Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
  • Hand home position correction feature

    The auto hand home position correction
  • Energy saving feature

    Power Saving (hands stop to save power when the watch is left in the dark)
  • Run time

    Approx. battery operating time: 5 months on rechargeable battery (operation period with normal use without exposure to light after charge) 29 months on rechargeable battery (operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge)
  • Accuracy

    Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month (with no signal calibration and mobile link function)
  • Other features

    Hand shift feature (Hands move out of the way to provide an unobstructed view of indial)
    Regular timekeeping: Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute (hand moves every 5 seconds), second), 3 dials (dual time hour and minute, dual time 24 hour, day)
    Date display
    Day indicator
  • Time adjustment details

    Time Calibration Signals Station name: DCF77 (Mainflingen, Germany) Frequency: 77.5 kHz Station name: MSF (Anthorn, England) Frequency: 60.0 kHz Station name: WWVB (Fort Collins, United States) Frequency: 60.0 kHz Station name: JJY (Fukushima, Fukuoka/Saga, Japan) Frequency: 40.0 kHz (Fukushima) / 60.0 kHz (Fukuoka/Saga) Station name: BPC (Shangqiu City, Henan Province, China) Frequency: 68.5 kHz
    Time calibration signal reception Auto receive up to six* times a day (remaining auto receives canceled as soon as one is successful) *5 times a day for the Chinese calibration signal Manual receive The latest signal reception results