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Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock Tan Beige Bluetooth StepTracker Analog-Digital Watch GBA800UC-5A

Casio G-Shock Tan Beige Bluetooth StepTracker Analog-Digital Watch GBA

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The military-inspired Utility Color Collection began with the extra-large analog-digital GA-700UC series.

Casio is now adding five mid-size G-SQUAD watches to the mix, including two analog-digital GBA-800 and three digital GBD-800 models with the Step Tracker and Bluetooth mobile link features. The matte utility colors of blue, green, brown, and gray are compatible with street fashion and military or service use.


These fitness-oriented models have the distinction of being the most affordable G-Shock watches with Bluetooth which along with step tracker data viewing includes automatic time adjustment, easy adjustment of the watch settings, and a phone finder function. Along with the pedometer, other unique fitness features include the interval timer that allows up to five individual timers to be set and repeated up to twenty times, a stopwatch with a target time notification, and 200-record lap memory. Other features include dual time, 5 alarms, and auto Super Illuminator LED light.

G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is always finding ways to blend diverse world culture into fashionable street scene timepieces, announces new GBA-800 urban sports themed models for athleisure wear.
The watch itself and its Bluetooth® communication capabilities are designed and engineered to make sports activities even more fun. Linking with the G-SHOCK Connected phone app provides access to a number of functions to support your workouts. Daily health and fitness support functions include a 3-axis accelerometer that keeps track of your step count, a Countdown-Timer that lets you create up to 20 timer combinations of five timers each, memory for up to 200 lap records, and more.
While linked with the G-SHOCK Connected phone app, you can configure settings for a step count log with five exercise intensity levels, calorie calculations, and step targets.
The ability to use the app to create timer combinations and send them to the watch, to store stopwatch measurement data, to view data, and more all combine to help you plan and record your workouts, making them more effective and enjoyable.
Other features include app-based auto time setting correction and other features for more efficient timekeeping, and an Auto Double LED Light to
facilitate workouts in areas where lighting is dim.
The small cases of these models are great for sports wear.
Back wings on the inside of the bands where they connect to the case, a new band ring shape that prevents sliding, more band holes to allow better tightness adjustment, and a soft urethane band, which maintains its suppleness even after long wear all add up to a more comfortable fit.
A mid-size design that's optimal for running and training, Bluetooth®, phone app linking and much more makes the GBA-800 the perfect choice for sports wear.
    •    Smartphone link functions
    ◦    Step Count Graph with five exercise intensity levels
    ◦    Calories burned display
    ◦    Combine-able timers
    ◦    Stopwatch measurement data log
    ◦    Auto time adjustment (4 times a day)
    ◦    Easy watch settings
    ▪    World Time for approximately 300 cities
    ▪    Time swapping
    ◦    Hand position correction
    •    Step count using a 3-axis accelerometer (Step Count Graph, step goal progress graphic)
    •    Stopwatch with Target Time alarm (lap/split display switching, up to 10 Target Times, 200 lap time records)
    •    Interval measurement timer with up to five time settings (Auto repeat up to 20 times, skip, auto start, alert sound)
    •    Hand shift feature
    •    Super Illuminator (double) illuminates the face and digital display