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Discover Top Engagement Ring Designers for Stamford, CT

Posted on May 10 2017

Discover Top Engagement Ring Designers for Stamford, CT


Spring is here and that means love is in the air! If you’re in the market for a lovely diamond engagement ring, you’ll want to know what the most popular bridal jewelry brands are. NAGI Jewelers sells only the very best in diamond engagement rings, because we know how important quality and beauty are to our customers.

Forevermark: Because A Diamond is Forever

All around the world, when you say the name De Beers, people know it means fine diamonds. Forevermark is the De Beers subsidiary devoted to creating the world’s most beautiful bridal jewelry. It’s also the favorite brand of celebrities who need stunning diamond jewelry for red carpet events. Brides who choose Forevermark are highly concerned about the world we live in: the diamonds are all sourced using the highest ethical and environmental standards.

The NAGI Jewelers team favorite? Forevermark’s “Ever Us” Two Stone rings are gorgeous & so romantic!

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Hearts on Fire: The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond

When we meet with couples choosing an engagement ring, we tell them about the 4 Cs. A diamond’s color, clarity, carat weight and cut all influence its beauty and value. Hearts on Fire starts with extremely high quality stones and then using their exclusive cutting process create their distinctive diamonds. Hearts on Fire sparkle with an astonishing level of fire and life, which makes them the ideal choice for engagement rings. Gorgeous alone, the beauty is compounded when multiple Hearts on Fire diamonds are combined in a single ring.

The NAGI Jewelers team favorite? Hearts on Fire Halo Engagement rings are bold & beautiful.

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Simon G: Celebrating the Best in Life

If precision, detail, and looking good from every conceivable angle is important to you, make sure you check out Simon G. engagement rings. Engineered to be exceptionally beautiful, Simon G. diamond rings are sophisticated and elegant. Ideal for the bride who enjoys the very best of classic design. The workmanship is stellar. Simon G. bridal jewelry attracts attention without ever being over the top or gaudy – that’s part of why so many Stamford brides love it so much!

The NAGI Jewelers team favorite? Simon G Round Diamond & Matching Wedding Band – Classic WOW.

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