The Best of NAGI: Discover NAGI Bridal

The Best of NAGI: Discover NAGI Bridal

Posted on May 19 2017

The Best of NAGI: Discover NAGI Bridal


Indulge us for a moment, and imagine what it is like to design and create jewelry for a living. Like any career, there is plenty of routine, regular work that has to be done. There will always be a need for perfectly matched diamond stud earrings – so you do your very best to create those earrings, knowing how happy your customer will be to wear them.

But every now and then you get a design project that excites and inspires you, that compels you to do your very best work. You get to stretch your creative vision, your jewelry fabrication skills, your diamond sourcing prowess – in other words, every bit of experience and passion you have gets poured into a single project. These special projects are what makes our career so wonderful – and the results of giving everything we’ve got to creating a one of a kind unique engagement ring is breathtakingly beautiful.

NAGI Bridal: Because Love is Spectacular

Every engagement ring is special. No two couples are alike. We love working with couples to design the custom bridal jewelry that’s meant to celebrate their unique love story. Because NAGI Jewelers has such exceptional connections within the diamond industry, we’re able to source exceptionally high quality, large diamonds at very good prices. These stones serve as the center of gorgeous designs like this:

Engagement Ring

NAGI’s design aesthetic is customer-centered. Our goal is always to make your dream come true. When we want to create engagement rings to please ourselves, we have the opportunity to do this – they go into the showcases after, and when the bride they’re meant to adorn finds them, it’s love at first sight! When we are working on a custom engagement rings, we put our desires and preferences to the side and focus on giving you the most beautiful, well-built version of your dream engagement ring.

That means we create engagement rings that are very traditional as well as those that are contemporary and modern. We work with colored diamonds, exceptional gemstones, and setting styles from every era of design history.

The process is designed to bring your vision of the perfect engagement ring to life. We develop sketches in consultation with you, refining endlessly until your vision is captured. Then our team uses the latest, most up to date jeweler’s technology to create a ring design – similar to the architectural blueprint used to build a house. Every piece of NAGI Jewelry is hand built by skilled master jewelers to be absolutely flawless.

Custom engagement rings don’t have to be breathtakingly expensive. Yes, the one we’ve shown in this post is on the pricey-side, but not every bride wants a 5+ carat diamond. Stone selection and design options mean we can work with any budget. Don’t settle for less than the ring of your dreams!

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