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Spotlight on Wedding Bands

Posted on May 23 2018

Spotlight on Wedding Bands

As a family owned and operated Stamford jewelry store, NAGI Jewelers knows that your wedding is a formal celebration uniting you and your beloved together as a family of your own. We’re highlighting some of our favorite wedding band trends that show no sign of slowing down. Plus, we’re offering up an excellent anniversary gift suggestion as well!

Women’s Wedding Band Trends She’s Sure to Love

These are the top wedding band trends to lookout for and keep in mind when shopping women’s wedding bands in Stamford:
#1. Eternity Bands
These wedding bands are a modern twist on a classic band. Eternity bands feature a continuous row of diamonds or gemstones, which may come in various shapes and sizes.
#2. Rose Gold
This blush-colored precious metal pairs beautifully with any skin tone, and its warm hue provides a contemporary version of vintage appeal.
#3. Stacking
This is one of the hottest general jewelry trends this year, and it’s no different for wedding bands! Stuck between a traditional wedding band and a flirty rose gold band? You can have them both with this wedding band trend. Mix up your style from day to day while mixing up your wedding band with it!
#4. Heirloom Bands
These wedding bands showcase alternating diamond shapes. Combine various shapes in one ring for a show stopping wedding band with extra bling!
#5. Twisted Band
Wear a physical reminder of the day that you and your beloved became one with a twisted wedding band. Add further appeal to the band by mixing metals or adding diamond accents!

Men’s Wedding Band Trends He’s Sure to Love

NAGI has an excellent array of men’s wedding bands to choose from. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites here:
#1. Patterns and Designs
Consider a wedding band with unique patterns and designs within the band. Wedding band designs can range from the roman numeral date of your wedding day, to your significant other’s “I love you” custom engraved on the band.
#2. Unique Metal Finishes
For a ring with alluring and organic texture, try a brushed wedding band. Also referred to as matte or wire finish, these wedding bands have a non-reflective texture contrary to the traditional mirrored finish.
A hammered finish is also a great fit for the brawny man looking for something without shine.
#3. Black
Black wedding bands for men are on the rise and show no sign of slowing down. The black wedding band is an excellent choice for the non-traditional man, and is often made of tungsten, carbon fiber or palladium.
#4. Mixed Metal
For a wedding band with an extra pop of color, two-tone wedding bands are perfect for the bold man who isn’t afraid to stand out. Consider mixing your favorite metal with that of your beloved for a truly sentimental wedding ring.
#5. Unique Material
Men’s wedding bands today are created with materials ranging from meteorite to gunshot barrel. These wedding bands are genuinely out of the box and are great conversation pieces!

Women’s & Men’s Custom Wedding Bands

For a genuinely one-of-a-kind wedding band, NAGI Jewelers’ custom design service is the way to go.
Present our designers with your own personal sketch, photograph from Pinterest, Instagram, etc., and our master jewelers and on-site certified gemologist will work with you to create a wedding band that is distinctly yours.
Creating a custom wedding band allows for a plethora of elements to be incorporated into the ring, such as including gemstones and precious metals from inherited jewelry designs, or the ability to recreate looks with higher price points at a much more affordable cost to you.
You can learn more about this process here.

Anniversary Upgrades

Are you celebrating a wedding anniversary? There’s no better gift idea than that of a wedding band upgrade. Commemorate decades of undying devotion by treating your beloved to an up-to-date wedding band that aligns with his or her style and tastes! NAGI Jewelers offers plenty of anniversary bands to stack on with your current band or switch out for a fresh look!
Prefer to keep your original wedding band? Celebrate your wedding anniversary with one of Monica Rich Kosann's gorgeous multiple image lockets. From your wedding day to your grandchildren, each image may represent a chapter of your beloved's story that holds meaning in their heart.

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