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Stamford’s Top Jewelry & Watch Gifts for Grads

Posted on May 22 2018

Stamford’s Top Jewelry & Watch Gifts for Grads

Grad Gifts: Breathtaking Baubles

May and June are the standard months for both high school and college graduations. Years of study have cut your graduate with awareness, colored their view of the world, given them clarity, and honorably placed the weight of the future on their shoulders. 
Whether you have a loved one who’s just earned their high school diploma and is prepping to ship out to pursue further education, or you’re celebrating the accomplishments of a recently acquired Bachelors, Masters, or PhD degree; show your graduate how proud you are of all of his or her accomplishments with breathtaking baubles from Stamford’s very own: NAGI Jewelers.
As an authorized retailer for a plethora of designer brands, NAGI Jewelers has many options to choose from. Let’s work together to ensure that your graduate confidently enters the next chapter of their life in style.

Celebrate the Time of Their Lives

Offering brand names such as TAG Heuer, Tissot, Longines, Michele and more, NAGI Jewelers is revered in Stamford for our designer watch collection.
A watch collection can carry a meaning deeper than what meets the eye. Whether you’ll be gifting your graduate with their first designer watch or adding to an already thriving collection, the tick of their new timepiece will represent pride and respect from their loved ones throughout this next chapter of their lives.

Gifts for Her

Although they’ve never really left the list of jewelry “classics”, we have it on good authority that tennis bracelets are “in,” particularly here in Stamford. Tennis bracelets are versatile and can be worn with truly anything. Consider multiple bracelets for stacking and metal mixing- two of the most popular trends in 2018. Colors set your graduate ahead of the reignited trend with any of these timeless tennis bracelets from NAGI.
Adorn your recent graduate in the most classic of jewelry styles with a Mikimoto pearl design. The originator of cultured pearls, Mikimoto’s mission since 1893 has been to provide each and every woman with perfected pearls. Any of these pieces would truly serve as the perfect gift for such a life marking occasion.
Consider gifting your graduate with a jewelry design that features one or more of the colored gemstones that celebrate this season’s color palette. Rich and saturated hues of gorgeous gemstones will transport your graduate back to this moment whenever they wear it, for the rest of their lives. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies and so much more!
At NAGI, we care about protecting the vivid hues of your gemstone jewelry, so be sure to check out our tips on which gemstones to protect from the sunlight this summer!
Renowned for their highly detailed jewelry designs with exquisite finishes, a Hulchi Belluni original makes an excellent graduation gift. Stretchable, stackable, mixable, moveable, and fidget worthy, these designs were created with the intent of promoting balance and positive energy and are offered in yellow, rose and white gold.


Consider gifting your graduate with a wearable reminder of her big day. Lockets are an excellent sentimental gift to celebrate a graduation milestone. She will treasure it for the rest of her life.


Gifts for Him

Mark your graduate’s milestone moment with one or more of the dapper cufflink designs offered at NAGI. Both functional and ornamental, cufflinks prove the perfect gift for a male graduate, as they serve well for professional everyday wear, or can be worn with pride for special occasions. NAGI Jewelers also offers a vast array of cufflink designs to fit the industry he has chosen to pursue.
 The next chapter of his life, be it further schooling or entering into the workforce, is sure to be an exciting and busy time. Consider adding to his graduation gift with a sleek and professional Shinola linen journal that he may use to keep his appointments, jot down ideas or for personal journaling.


Customized Mementos 

What better way to celebrate your graduate than by creating a custom jewelry piece that honors their recent milestone or passing down a sentimental jewelry design or timepiece? At NAGI Jewelers, we offer the best of the best in jewelry and watch repair, as well as custom jewelry design!

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