Casio G-Shock Gassan Sword Titanium Watch MRG-G2000GA-1A Limited – NAGI

Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock MRG Shougeki-Maru Titanium Watch MRGB2000SG-1A 2023 White Grey

Casio G-Shock Gassan Sword Titanium Watch MRG-G2000GA-1A Limited

$6,600.00 USD


Limited Edition, Only 700 Worldwide. 

  • Case size (L× W× H)

    54.7 × 49.8 × 16.9 mm
  • Weight

    138 g
  • Case and bezel material

  • Band

    Dura Soft Fluoro Rubber band
    One-touch 3-fold Clasp
  • Construction

    Magnetic Resistant
    Shock Resistant
  • Water resistance

    200-meter water resistance
  • Time adjustment

    Radio-controlled Watch; Multi band 6
  • Power supply and battery life

    Tough Solar (Solar powered)
  • Smartphone Link feature

    Mobile link (Automatic connection, wireless linking using Bluetooth®)
  • Apps

  • App connectivity feature

    Auto time adjustment
    Easy watch setting
    Approximately 300 world time cities
    Watch status display
    Self check
    Phone finder
    Premium Production Line certificate
  • Glass

    Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Crown

    Screw Lock Crown
  • Surface treatment

    Deep Layer Hardening + AIP®(Arc Ion Plating) case
    Deep Layer Hardening + DLC bezel
  • Compatible band size

    145 to 215 mm
  • Other

  • World time

    Dual time 27 time zones, Home city time swapping, auto summer time (DST) switching
  • Stopwatch

    1-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 23:59'59'' Measuring modes: Elapsed time
  • Timer

    Countdown timer Measuring unit: 1 second Countdown range: 24 hours Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments)
  • Alarm/hourly time signal

    Daily alarm
  • Light

    LED light (Super Illuminator) Afterglow
  • Light color

  • Calendar

    Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
  • Hand home position correction feature

    The auto hand home position correction
  • Energy saving feature

    Power Saving (hands stop to save power when the watch is left in the dark)
  • Run time

    Approx. battery operating time: 5 months on rechargeable battery (operation period with normal use without exposure to light after full charge) 26 months on rechargeable battery (operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge)
  • Accuracy

    Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month (with no signal calibration and mobile link function)
  • Other features

    Regular timekeeping: Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute (hand moves every 5 seconds), second), 3 dials (dual time hour and minute, dual time 24 hour, day)
    Date display
    Day indicator
  • Time adjustment details

    Time Calibration Signals Station name: DCF77 (Mainflingen, Germany) Frequency: 77.5 kHz Station name: MSF (Anthorn, England) Frequency: 60.0 kHz Station name: WWVB (Fort Collins, United States) Frequency: 60.0 kHz Station name: JJY (Fukushima, Fukuoka/Saga, Japan) Frequency: 40.0 kHz (Fukushima) / 60.0 kHz (Fukuoka/Saga) Station name: BPC (Shangqiu City, Henan Province, China) Frequency: 68.5 kHz
    Time calibration signal reception Auto receive up to six* times a day (remaining auto receives canceled as soon as one is successful) *5 times a day for the Chinese calibration signal Manual receive The latest signal reception results

Join the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary celebration in luxe quality and style with a limited-edition timepiece from the G-SHOCK flagship MR-G line of timepieces honoring artisanal craftwork. Dedicated to traditional Japanese artisanal techniques handed down over centuries, this timepiece celebrates samurai warrior pride and aesthetics with a design that incorporates the Shougeki-Maru: Gai, the kabuto helmet Casio commissioned for the MR-G line.


The bezel captures the maedate crest of this very special helmet with a tiger design and rock-grain relief intricately engraved by metalsmith KOBAYASHI Masao. Each limited-edition timepiece is a one-of-a-kind, hand-engraved by a master craftsman. The pure white Dura Soft fluoro rubber band evokes the look of the white ito odoshi*1 used in crafting traditional Japanese armor. A deep-layer hardening process and dark silver AIP® are applied to the recrystallized titanium case to express the color of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai helmet.


An engraved metal plate commemorating the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary on the case side at the 10 o’clock position adds a touch of edgy styling, as do the four lab-grown rubies*2 in the bezel symbolizing 40 years. More than just an homage to tradition, this timepiece provides superior modern functionality, as well. Equipped with Bluetooth® for smartphone connectivity, the watch adjusts to radio-wave time signals for precision timekeeping and comes packed with handy functions powered by original Casio technology.


This very special, 40th anniversary-worthy MR-G celebrates both the traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies of Japan — all in a singular samurai-inspired timepiece. 


*1 White ito odoshi: The white string that binds the plates of the shikoro armor together. The pure white color symbolizes the strong determination of a warrior who stays true to their own convictions, unaffected by others (as in the white undyed by other colors).


*2 The heads of the screws securing the bezel are set with rubies lab-grown by Kyocera, a material selected out of commitment to ethical considerations. Since ancient times, rubies have been known as the “stone of victory” and were believed to carry the energies of triumph over difficulty and victory.

MRG-B2000SG Shougeki-Maru: Gai

Bezel engraved with ferocious tiger design

Recrystallised titanium case: Imbued with the kabuto helmet’s sense of presence

LED light